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Passionate About Helping Others

I was already on two medications to help my mood disorder when the doctor encouraged yet another to help me get it under control. I was experiencing unwanted side-effects from two and the thought of a third was overwhelming.


"There has to be something better than this!"

A friend mentioned omega-3 fatty acids as being beneficial for mood so I gave it a try. After several weeks of consistently taking the supplement, my mood began to improve. I no longer needed the third medication and found another supplement to help me whittle down to one medication. Yet, I was still unable to get full remission from the mood disorder. 

It was a 2013 New Year's resolution to change lifestyle choices that led to an accidental discovery and "miracle" for me. I began to consistently eat real food, cutting out the junk, and putting good nutrients into my body. I also found an exercise routine that I actually enjoyed and stuck with. By the end of the year, I was medication-free and have maintained better health ever since. 

My journey with functional medicine began on a simple walk listening to a podcast on a more holistic approach to health. The topic was the thyroid, something I had suspected was low-functioning for me for years. However, I was unable to get a doctor to truly listen to my concerns and treat my thyroid. It had improved along with my mood when I began to care for my body but was still sub-optimal. I was losing hair, dealing with gut issues, disrupted sleep patterns, and my hormones were all over the place. Unfortunately, there was no doctor trained in functional medicine in my area. 

"There has to be something better than this!"

Every so often I would check the Institute of Functional Medicine to see if any new practitioners were in my area. I happened to be on the site to check for a friend in another state, only to discover a local doctor had just finished the program and was open for patients! I immediately booked an appointment and my journey to put the last piece of my health in place began.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the appointment, but getting an hour and a half where she took a full history and showed an openness to figuring out what was truly going on with my health took me by surprise. We worked together to discover what was truly going on with my body and how to optimize my health. I was grateful to find a doctor that was willing to dig deeper, listen to my opinion, and push for solutions.

My heart is to help others discover there is indeed something better than ill health, low energy, poor mood, and sub-optimal quality of life. I am here to walk with you on your journey to live better.